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Namaste – The light in me honours and is humbled by the light in you

Yoga Classes

Spirit Within yoga classes incorporate more than just the asanas (postures) of traditional yoga.   In addition to the physical benefits of...

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REIKI Healing & Intuitive/Tarot Readings

Reiki is the universal life force that flows through and connects all living things.   If this flow of energy through...

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Events & Workshops

Good Vibes Sound & Drum Circle around the bonfire FREE EVENT! Thursday June 13th at 60 Tyson Drive Kitchener N2K...

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Welcome to your Spirit Within


I created Spirit Within to share with others the joy of exploring the gloriousness of each moment, journeying into the mystic, and discovering your personal connection to the divine. All yoga classes, Reiki sessions, workshops and readings are dedicated to enhancing your awareness of your innate ability to heal yourself emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually.  Join me on this supportive and inspired path to discovering your spirit within.  Find your purpose, your dharma, your happiness in each moment!




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Really enjoyed the chair yoga session, I’ve never done yoga … my husband and I are not very active, this would be something we could do together!

J.W. Oct/18

I told (a friend) how awesome you were and how happy I was with your reading… I’ve been so happy ever since. Thank you so much for the reading, it made a big difference.


Thanks again for the session and the chat! Feeling very relaxed, which is much needed!

E.B. Oct/18

New Moon: Mala Bracelet Making Workshop Jul 16, 2018

Event sold out before I could register, definitely want to do this next time!

K. Jul/18

There is a beautiful spirit that flows from within you.  So looking forward to the Fall and Winter session.  We are hooked.   Looking forward to further practice with you.

C. Aug/17

Thank you again for my reading. You have no idea how much your beautiful spirit and gift inspire me.

K. Sep/17

My daughter told me to come to you to help me deal with this stress and anxiety I’m going through … wow, I can’t believe how much calmer I feel!

S. Jan/18

Usui Reiki Level I Certification, Sept 29, 2018

I had an amazing day with you and (the other participant) today!

T.T. Sept/18

How soon can I come back for Reiki Level II course?!

R.M. Sept/18

Rhonda, Thanks for making chair yoga available to me. It helps me because I have to keep moving and remain somewhat flexible. My balance is an issue, so this type of exercise is great for me!

P. May/16

Thank you, thank you, thank you! This resonates with me at this time – you really hit the hammer on the head!

K. Jul/17

I can’t tell you how much more calm I feel, last night and today. Thanks Rhonda…I clearly made the right choice in coming to talk with you.

C. Dec/17

New Moon: Mala Bracelet Making Workshop Jul 16, 2018

Event sold out before I could register, definitely want to do this next time!

K.S. Jul/18

 I’ve been meaning to email you quickly to let you know how much we enjoyed your classes. You are an awesome teacher and also a very, very special person. I wanted to let you know that you sparkle!! I can see that people are drawn to you and love being around all your positive energy!

W. Feb/16

 That is truly amazing.  So much of this is true.

M. Feb/17

I just wanted to say that I really feel uplifted today. I haven’t felt this way for awhile. It is a good feeling. Thank you

T. Feb/17

Unleash your goddess within (Full Moon Fire Ceremony), Apr 30 2018

You did a remarkable job pulling it all together, leading us through a meaningful meditation, offering your wise and intuitive insights and belly dancing on the lawn was so much fun! It was an honour for me to participate.

T.S. May/18