About Rhonda

How did I come to be in this place, at this time? 

Hello, and welcome! I’m honoured that you’ve taken the time to visit my site!

April 2014…

How did I come to be in this place … at this age (closer to 50 than 40), embarking on a new spiritual journey and the dream to serve others through offerings of wellness. I can honestly say that this was an epiphany that just slammed into me in the summer of 2013 … and I say “slammed” because I have never been good at recognizing ‘subtle’ messages from the universe. This was not subtle, it just came into my head and would not go away! Part of it, too, is the fact that most of my adult life was spent raising my two sons, both of whom are now, for the most part, independent and no longer in such need of my constant attention.  Suddenly, I felt that I could shift my focus to my dreams, my journey … and embrace the “afternoon of my life” (Dr. Wayne Dyer, “The Shift”).

While perusing through the Conestoga College continuing education magazine, in all honesty looking for a course for my son … the Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) Certification program jumped off the page and hit me like a brick in the head (like I said, subtlety doesn’t work with me!)… and without hesitation, just the ‘knowing’ that this was my next path in life, I registered.

Shortly following the start of the 200 hour YTT program, I decided to pursue Reiki certification, something I had been considering for several months, but had always left it at “someday I’d like to do that…” Before I knew it, I completed both Level 1 and Level 2 Usui Reiki certification by early 2014, and became a Reiki Master in 2017.

Through spiritual development classes, and learning to trust the feelings, images  and impressions presented in my mind’s eye, I have learned to trust the messages I receive, and now share these messages through intuitive Reiki sessions and Tarot readings.

I hope you’ll join me and discover your true spirit within, and open yourself to the joy of living … Life is an adventure!

Namaste and Gratitude for all Blessings,