REIKI Healing & Intuitive/Tarot Readings

Reiki is the universal life force that flows through and connects all living things.   If this flow of energy through our chakras (energy centres) becomes blocked due to mental or emotional issues, it can manifest in physical pain.  During a Reiki healing session, Rhonda, a certified Usui Reiki Master, will place her hands lightly on or over your.body (your choice), holding them there for 2-5 minutes in each position, depending on the flow of energy she feels in each area.  After just one session, you may experience a release of stress and anxiety, a reduction in acute pain, and a calmer mind.

A Reiki practitioner will never recommend that you stop any other medications or therapy that you are currently undertaking.  Reiki is meant only to enhance and complement other healing methods, not replace them.

After your healing session, Rhonda shares any intuitive messages she received during the session to further help you understand what may be causing imbalance in your chakras..

One hour session > $50 (includes smudging, Reiki treatment, Intuitive Reading)

Tarot or Oracle Readings for Clarification

Tarot and oracle cards are long proven tools for divination, dating back 100’s of years.  A reading with Rhonda is not a psychic prediction, but a consultation and conversation to examine the influences surrounding your life and current situation, and what the possible outcome will be if things continue as they are.

If you are looking for guidance and clarity in your life, let Rhonda share her intuitive interpretation of the messages presented by these mystical cards .

30 minute reading – $25

10 minute mini reading after Reiki session – $10