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Spirit Within yoga classes incorporate more than just the asanas (postures) of traditional yoga.   In addition to the physical benefits of improved flexibility, balance and strength, all classes are lead with the intention to raise your spiritual awareness, mental focus, and acceptance that where you are in this moment is perfect.  All of Rhonda’s classes are suitable for any level, with options provided to move deeper into some postures if that is what works for your body in that moment in time.


 We cultivate an environment of positive energy, acceptance, and joy.  

Chakra Healing Flow TUES 6:15-7:15 PM :  Bring attention and balance to your energy system in this series where each class focuses on one of the 7 main chakras. You will learn to become more in tune with what your body is telling you on an energetic level, and how you can bring balance and healing into your life by listening to your body.

Yin Yang with Reiki WED 5:15-6:15 PM : Enjoy the benefits of balancing opposing forces in one practice! Warm up with an energy and strength building flow with option to use light weights, and cool down with yin style postures that we hold a little longer to expedite flexibility. *Props, including using a chair, are always recommended and available during this practice, according to your level of flexibility and comfort*.  Option to receive Reiki infused hands-on healing  with essential oils during Savasana.

Get fit where you Sit: Private and Corporate – call to book For those of you who have physical challenges that make it difficult to get down and back up off the floor, or spend most of your day sitting at a desk or driving all day, this is for you ! Rhonda is a certified Lakshmi Voelker CHAIR Yoga Instructor.  You receive the same physical, mental and spiritual benefits as yoga on the mat, but you practice in a chair.  Now there’s no reason why you can’t experience the joy of yoga!

Outdoor Yoga by the Grand  Watch for 2019 dates! Connect to Mother Earth, and discover a whole new sense of joy in your practice by being outside – experience green grass below, blue sky above, the breeze on your skin … This class is held at the home of Spirit Within Wellness – 60 Tyson Drive, Kitchener N2K 1G9


All Classes are held at VERV Wellness 15 Shirk Place, Kitchener, ON (except Outdoor Yoga)

Registration Details: Winter-Spring 2019

Jan 8 – May 29 2019

TUESDAYS Chakra Flow  

6:15 – 7:15 pm 


5:15 – 6:15 pm


Class Passes (to be redeemed between January and May 2019)

  • 21 class pass $200 (best deal !)
  • 10 class pass $130
  • drop in $15

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All Classes are held at VERV Wellness 15 Shirk Place, Kitchener, ON (except Outdoor Yoga)


 Yoga Videos for your home practice

In between classes, or if you’re unable to join us in the studio, practice with Rhonda online to greet the day with gratitude or de-stress from the day

Bocas del Toro morning yoga 

– join me in the jungle in Panama amidst the Bocas del Toro islands – enjoy the natural (and sometimes surprising) sounds of the rainforest waking up !

Winding down … evening yoga  

unwind and let go of the day as we practice together in the Reiki healing room of Spirit Within Wellness

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